Discover the connection between women and hair at Installation art exhibition HAIR TALK by O’right

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Green hair and skin care brand O’right presented the Installation art exhibition HAIR TALK, which kicked off from September 27 to October 6 at Eslite Xinyi Store. HAIR TALK features large-scale immersive installations, combining objects such as a brush, baby mobiles and office desk, each symbolizing the different roles women play in life: wife, mother and boss.

Twenty five objects that women see and use in their everyday day life take the audience into the conflicted emotions as well as social expectations and prejudice against women today. Bundles of hair trapped in glass boxes reflect the stress women endure on a daily basis; they are literally tangled in stress. The lighting and wording have been specifically designed to enhance the ambience and evoke emotions.

To improve customer interactions and promote a greener lifestyle, O’right endeavors to incorporate aesthetics into product designs, with the perfect example being the iconic Tree in the Bottle shampoo bottle, the winner of the Red Dot Award and iF Design Award. The signature bottle is the home to naturally-sourced hair formulations that perfectly interpret the balance between life and art while demonstrating the brand’s commitment to sustainability. This year, the groundbreaking company went on to transform 416 recycled t-shirts and 175 kg of recycled plastics into a storefront signboard, further proving its leading role in the innovative sustainability sector. O’right works to inspire sustainability and create green value from earth’s natural resources grown in Taiwan—the land the company grew and thrived on to become the international beauty brand it is known by many today.

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