Multi-award winning beauty brand O’right shines at the ROC Enterprises Environmental Protection Award

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The world’s greenest beauty brand O’right is on a winning streak. Following their recent win at the National Quality Award in the individual category, they took home a second award last week, the ROC Enterprises Environmental Protection Award. The green company’s sustainable practices and innovation have earned them recognition from an impressive list of awards including the Green World Awards, Sustainable Beauty Awards and Katerva Awards. This year, they joined RE100 while making a commitment to 100% renewable electricity and become the first green beauty company in Taiwan to go 100% renewable. O’right is not only leading the industry to a greener future, but also engaging and educating green supply chains of zero carbon, sustainability goals.

O’right is the only beauty brand in Taiwan to incorporate green into raw materials, product design, manufacturing, energy, logistics and waste management, all achieved in their GMP certified Gold-level green cosmetic plant, which is equipped with foot pedal faucets and water-efficient facilities. In 2018, they also introduced the world’s first shampoo pump made of renewable plastic materials, fulfilling their mission to create a zero carbon shampoo. By adhering to an 8 Free policy, their green products are free from harmful chemicals, formulated only with natural ingredients extracted from discarded farm produce. Later in November, the eco advocate became the first in Asia to receive the EuCertPlast certificate, audited by Germany-based Cyclos, which has developed a label for consumer products and packaging made from post-consumer recyclate. O’right was also validated by SGS for carbon neutrality as a corporate organization as well as achieving the zero carbon standard for nine of their products. To bring sustainability to the next level, they vow to achieve their zero carbon vision by 2020.

O’right believes that small steps can lead to big changes in the environment, by means of promoting environmental education and inspiring more people to embark on their green journey through annual CSR events including Earth hour, Plant a Tree and Coastal Cleanup. Their Green Headquarters has also welcomed thousands of companies and organizations in hopes of making a bigger, greener difference. Each step they take, as little as it might seem at the moment, shines light on a new horizon and a sustainable future.

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