O’right Green Headquarters Unveils its Newly Renovated Look

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O’right Green Headquarters, a Diamond-level certified green building located in Taoyuan’s Longtan, recently unveiled its brand new Green Education Hall, Re Office and Green Immersion Hall. Like the Green Headquarters, the new sections are designed to reflect the brand’s sustainable values, featuring never-seen-before remodels of storage shelves, wooden pallets and claw machines! 。

What do you get when sustainability, local culture and innovative designs come together? Leading green beauty brand O’right once again takes sustainability and creativity to the next level, transforming a surfboard into a bench, wooden pallets into a sofa and table and street light into an office light.

The Re Office, named after the words recycle, reuse and renew, was originally a storage room. The idea behind the Re Office is to re-circulate unwanted goods into new materials, which gave O’right the idea of keeping the original shelves and turning them into desks. The recreated office desks feature a wooden surface made from tailings and leftover scrap wood of acacia trees and are repainted in a bright green color, the color that defines the brand. The new meeting room is another highlight of the office area. Inspired by Taiwanese roadside banquets, which are traditionally held to celebrate important events among friends and family such as weddings, meetings at O’right can now be taken around a round table and on stainless steel chairs to encourage enthusiasm, passion and cohesion in the workplace while keeping traditional Taiwanese culture alive. The claw machines, recycled and repurposed into private booths, provide staff a place to have a moment of peace of quiet. It is a space to think, innovate and create.

The Green Education Hall, as O’right Chairman Steven Ko puts it, has always been a dream of O’right’s. It is not like your typical place for learning, rather a visual feast that opens your eyes to the world today and the issues it faces that you were probably never aware of before visiting O’right. A white-colored wall with an extruding art designed in the shape of O’right’s signature shampoo bottle also serves as a projection screen for the educational videos. Other highlights include the O’Love Chair, made from recycled cardboard, repurposed surfboards and large cardboard tubes as well as the “floating globe,” which are all sure to attract visitors’ attention. “In face of worsening climate change, reducing our carbon emissions has become a global and corporate responsibility. We take from the society, so it makes perfect sense for us to give back to the society in return. On the other hand, we hope that our green building, now with even more eco-friendly features, can raise greater environmental awareness and inspire more people who visit to join us on our mission to protect our planet,” Ko said.

The Green Immersion Hall is a revamp of the previous Green Hair Care Hall. The beautiful display of O’right’s extensive range of products from shampoo, conditioners to the best-selling Caffeine Botanical Scalp Revitalizer, as well as the gorgeous glass skywalk that extends over the edge of the building are sure to give visitors an incredibly invigorating experience.

From the sourcing of raw materials, product ingredients to packaging, the eco-conscious company is fully committed to making sustainability a reality. It is mastermind behind the world’s first 100% traceable post-consumer (renewable) plastic bottle and pump and is one of the latest members to join RE100, a global initiative of influential businesses committed to 100% renewable electricity.

O’right Green Headquarters, which was completed in 2012, has attracted tens of thousands of visitors (29398 people as of the end of 2019) from over 40 countries and welcomed big names such as Toyota and Alibaba, just to name a few. In hopes of expanding his influence beyond the Green Headquarters and reaching more people, Ko continues to bring his sustainable values and achievements nationwide and worldwide, the most recent being the United Nations Climate Change Conference, or COP25, which took place in December of 2019 at Madrid, Spain.

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