The newest in green innovation! With all the change in our world and environment, imagine what a world with no plastic waste could do. 

As a part of O'right's Cradle to Cradle initiative, we've developed a shampoo bottle made with 100% Post Consumer Plastic. 

Circular Economy

In contrast to a linear economy (take, make, consume, dispose), a circular economy is an industrial system that focuses on the use of renewable energy to reduce waste.

In an ideal circular economy, this approach aims for the elimination of waste by keeping resources in use for as long as possible. 

Upcycling: a recycling process in which waste products are converted into new materials or products of higher quality and environmental value to reduce waste and carbon emissions on earth.

 Reducing Carbon by 4x for a More Eco-Friendly Earth

O'right's new bottles, made with 100% Post-Consumer, Renewable plastic will reduce carbon emissions by 4 times!

Let's work together in eliminating plastic waste and saving this planet!