Earth Hour Taiwan Co-host O’right Joins Global Movement Marching for Action on Climate Change

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Thousands of people filled the streets as the UN climate summit (COP24) kicked off in Katowice, Poland, where world leaders and negotiators from almost 200 nations are gathering to negotiate how to tackle climate change and to work on the implementation plan for the Paris Agreement. Having hosted Earth Hour Taiwan for 9 years, Taiwanese green beauty brand O’right is no stranger to sustainability. O’right Poland’s distributor, salons as well as this year’s Earth Hour partner Taiwan Youth Climate Coalition (TWYCC) joined the march for the climate on the streets of Katowice to call on world leaders at COP24 to adopt climate action plans and implement the Paris Agreement to limit global warming.

Climate change is a disaster that is happening here and now, not in the future. It is the most important issue humanity faces and the UN is urging nations to tackle the urgent threats of global warming, including extreme weather, declining Arctic sea ice, rising sea levels and increased coral mortality. Moreover, as the European Union (EU) plans to achieve net zero emissions by 2050, the world’s greenest beauty brand O’right is pioneering sustainable initiatives in hopes of transitioning to a zero carbon economy. Their ongoing efforts to reduce carbon emissions are not just limited to product formulations, ingredients, packaging and green building, but also to engaging green salon partners and enterprises in sustainability. Facing the looming threats from climate change, TWYCC expressed their goal of promoting the creativity of the march to Taiwan to call for action on climate change.

Since 2011, O’right has partnered with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) to make Earth Hour Taiwan possible every year by bringing together industry leaders and celebrities and has succeeded in reducing 340,730kg of carbon emissions, equal to planting 30,976 20-year-old trees on earth.

Earth Hour is a global initiative founded in Sydney, Australia by WWF in 2007, uniting people across the globe to raise awareness of the fight against climate change and to protect the earth. Since then, it has grown to become the world’s largest grassroots movement for the environment, with 188 countries and territories worldwide joining and 18,000 landmarks switching off their lights to take a stand to change climate change.

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