Mastermind behind Taiwanese Brand O’right Wins Excellence in Business Award

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Founded in Taiwan on the philosophy of Natural, Pure and Eco-friendly, the world’s greenest brand O’right has made a name for themselves in the beauty industry in their ongoing quest for natural ingredients and eco-friendly packaging, steering people and the environment far faraway from toxic heavy metals and harmful chemicals. Since their establishment, the green company has dove head-first into their commitment to a sustainable future. The mastermind behind the success of O’right Steven Ko helped take the brand global to 40 countries, bringing home numerous international accolades and becoming a corporate icon of sustainability. At the National Quality Award held on December the 6th, his outstanding leadership was recognized with the Excellence in Business Award.

Global green leader Steven Ko crowned with Excellence in Business Award

The National Quality Award is given by the Executive Yuan of Taiwan to recognize excellence in quality performance achieved by individuals and organizations, including leadership and strategy, as well as to review the overall management and competitive advantages of organizations. In the past, the individual award category, Excellence in Business Award, was granted to important leaders, namely founder of the Uni-President Corporation Kao Ching-yuen, and founder of Giant Manufacturing King Liu. However, since 2012, the recipient for the individual category has been vacant, until now. The 25th National Quality Award recognized O’right Chairman Steven Ko for his leadership excellence with the Excellence in Business Award, becoming the first recipient to receive the individual award since it was left vacant in 2012. On top of that, Steven accepted the honor from the President of Taiwan Tsai Ing-wen. The mastermind behind O’right firmly believes that small steps can lead to big changes in the environment; it is the small steps that make it possible to pave the way towards a sustainable future.

Making history in sustainability with the world’s first zero carbon shampoo

Inspired by nature, O’right Chairman made a commitment to develop green products that benefit the health of humans, the environment and the society, without the risk of polluting the beautiful planet we live on. Fueled by the determination to achieve this goal, Steven and his team set forth on a green journey in 2006 and they have never looked back since. The unbeatable team worked together to reduce plastic and carbon emissions by reaching milestones in sustainability from raw materials, packaging to ingredients. In 2008, they wowed the world with the introduction of the Tree in the Bottle Shampoo made of 100% biodegradable materials, allowing it to grow into a tree once buried in the soil. In 2018, they made history with the world’s first shampoo pump made from renewable plastic, fulfilling their mission to create a zero carbon shampoo. To prove they are serious about their commitment to sustainability and inspiring more people to follow their green footsteps, all green products are manufactured in their GMP certified Gold-level green cosmetic plant, which has welcomed thousands of big-name companies including Toyota, 3M and Alibaba. Their accomplishments and practices are well-known in the industry, earning the green brand recognitions from the Katerva Awards, also known as the Nobel Prize for Sustainability, as well as mentions in junior and senior high school textbooks in Taiwan.

The Taiwanese brand has yet another achievement to celebrate this year, having joined the global initiative RE100 committing to 100% renewable electricity and announcing their goal of becoming the first company to go 100% renewable by 2025. Confident and ready to embrace more industry firsts ahead of them, the aspiring leader has never wavered from his commitment to sustainability, never ceasing to bring his company to higher levels of innovation.

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