O’right Puts Design Prowess of Taiwan in the Global Spotlight with the Good Design Award

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In Japan, good design is everywhere. The Japanese are the ones everyone seeks inspiration from. Now, Taiwan is making headlines with its transformative power of design as well. In 2018, Taiwanese electric scooter maker Gogoro became the first brand from Taiwan to be recognized by Japan’s Good Design Award, one of the top 4 design awards in the world, for the Gogoro Smartscooter. This year, another brand from Taiwan, O’right, stood out among 4,769 entries and was selected as the Good Design Best 100 and later crowned a winner of the Good Design Gold Award.

The design prowess of Taiwan

A mere two percent of the awards hopefuls had the chance to be selected as the Good Design Best 100, and green beauty brand O’right became one of the only three Taiwanese designs to make it into the prestigious list. The Good Design Award announced the Best 100 winners, among which three were entries from Taiwan: O’right Toothpaste N° Zero, Romantic Route 3 and Design Movement on Campus, with the latter two being government-funded.

O’right Toothpaste N° Zero, the newest green design by a small private company and aspiring brand from Taiwan, was selected among the Good Design Best 100 and awarded the Good Design Gold Award. The jury, amazed and impressed by O’right’s revolutionary design and groundbreaking formula that took three years to come into fruition, commented on the brand’s commitment to develop award-winning, internationally-acclaimed products that are good for people and good for the earth. Known to the world as the world’s greenest beauty brand, O’right proves that the design created by a private company from a small country can ignite hope for a better and greener future.

A groundbreaking green toothpaste formula like never seen before

Modern toothpaste as we know it has been around for over a century. Always inspired to do better for the earth and for the people, O’right redefined oral care with a never-seen-before toothpaste formula that is, as the Good Design Award jury put it, “an extraordinary, out-of-this-world design.” The green brand eliminated abrasives found in conventional toothpaste as well artificial fragrance and colors, using all-natural ingredients such as sustainable wood powder to ensure people’s oral health and the well-being of the environment.

The Good Design Award aims at enriching people’s lives, the industry and society through design and O’right strives to offer green lifestyle solutions that are good for people and good for the earth. “We want to empower everyone who uses this toothpaste every morning and night to live more sustainably and to inspire more revolutionary green innovations and change,” Steven Ko, founder of O’right said. From being the mastermind behind the world’s greenest shampoo to now revolutionizing the toothpaste industry, O’right is without a doubt taking the beauty world by storm.

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