Taiwanese Green Beauty Brand O’right Triumphs at Sustainable Beauty Awards

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The winners of the 2020 Sustainable Beauty Awards were announced on the 4th of November at a virtual awards ceremony. Green beauty pioneer from Taiwan, O’right, was named the winner of the New Sustainable Product category and Sustainability Pioneer runner-up, continuing its string of prestigious awards wins after the recent Good Design Best 100 and Good Design Gold Award. This is the fourth win for the brand. The jury commented: “Congratulations Hair O’right International for winning the New Sustainable Product Award. You really deserve this product award because it’s very impressive to see such a small company putting so much effort in looking at all aspects for development to creating products. You continue to tick so many boxes when it comes to sustainability. So I hope this award will motivate you to keep on doing what you do and hope to see you next year again in the awards ceremony.”

A masterpiece in both design and beauty

Due to COVID-19, the Sustainable Beauty Awards was presented in a virtual ceremony, marking the first time O’right Chairman Steven Ko could not receive the honor in person. “This is such an honor. We are still overwhelmed by our double Good Design Award wins, and now, we get this great news from Sustainable Beauty Awards. Our green toothpaste hasn’t even been officially launched yet, and it has already gotten so much recognition and praise in fields of design and beauty,” Ko commented. O’right Toothpaste N° Zero is not just your typical toothpaste, but a game-changing green revolution with the aim of inspiring more companies to take the green road. The never-seen-before formula made with food ingredients takes questionable chemicals away from the equation with the promise to deliver beauty that blossoms from the inside out – for both people and the earth.

Zero carbon beauty from Taiwan making waves in the world of sustainable beauty

The Sustainable Beauty Awards celebrates brands, suppliers and corporate leaders pushing the boundaries of sustainability in the international cosmetics and personal care industry, ranging from products to ingredients. With the rise of sustainable beauty products and growth of environmental awareness worldwide, the Sustainable Beauty Awards has become more competitive than ever for brands who are striving to tick all the boxes for clean beauty. Guided by the core values of Green, Sustainability and Innovation, O’right has proposed carbon pricing and carbon passbook initiatives. The sustainable frontrunner continues to make green waves in the sustainable beauty world with zero carbon beauty products made in Taiwan.

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