O’right Takes the World by Storm with Third Win at the Sustainable Beauty Awards

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On the 4th of November, Ecovia Intelligence announced the winners of the 2019 Sustainable Beauty Awards. Winners and runners-up were selected from 3-5 finalists in 5 award categories. Taiwanese beauty brand O’right emerged as the winner of the Sustainability Leadership Award, upstaging international brands such as Aveda and Henkel and establishing itself as a leader in the global market in sustainable beauty. Ku Wen-jiann of the Taipei Representative Office in France (Bureau de Represéntation de Taipei en France), who was present to witness the groundbreaking moment, congratulated the sustainable beauty brand on its third win.

Taipei Representative Office in France’s Ku Wen-jiann congratulates O’right Chairman Steven Ko at the awards ceremony.

Held in Paris, the Sustainable Beauty Awards, which is co-hosted alongside the Sustainable Cosmetics Summit, give recognition to organizations and operators who are pushing the boundaries of sustainability in the beauty industry. With foreign big names dominating the awards in the past, the pioneer of sustainbility once again makes their presence felt worldwide and puts Taiwan in the global spotlight. At the 2019 Sustainable Beauty Awards, O’right was named the winner in the Sustainable Leadership category after being announced as finalists in New Sustainable Product, Sustainable Pioneer and Sustainable Leadership, becoming the first Taiwanese company ever to be named a winner. Taiwan may be a small nation, but O’right shows the world that they are in the lead when it comes to environmental protection.

“It doesn’t matter where you come from, what matters is your ongoing efforts and commitment to making the world a greener place. And that’s what O’right is doing, taking small steps for the environment to make a giant difference around the world,” Steven Ko said.

O’right emerges as the Sustainable Leadership winner, upstaging many global brands.

“Consumers’ concerns towards chemical products are increasing as are their preferences towards eco-friendly and healthy lifestyle choices. If manufacturers don’t make the transition towards sustainability and shift away from putting cost reduction as their primary goal, the damage that production and consumer behavior may inflict on the environment will keep on being ignored, eventually leading to a rapid decrease in competition,” Ko added.

Guided by core values, Green, Sustainability and Innovation, O’right shows the world that they are in the lead when it comes to environmental protection. Its innovative 8 Free standard, Vegan, Non-GMO and USDA Certified Biobased Product Label are all demonstrations of its commitment to achieving zero carbon and zero environmental impact. The sustainable trailblazer continues to make history with never-seen-before green standards, green formulas, green products and green packaging such as the renewable plastic shampoo bottle created in partnership with Taiwan-based suppliers Da Fon Environmental Technology and Living Fountain Plastic Industrial.

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