A Natural Age Reversing Remedy Brought to You by O’right The First Goji Berry Root Skin Product Unveiled in Taiwan

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Seasonal changes bring inevitable temperature and humidity changes, which can deprive your complexion of moisture and wreak havoc on your skin. Taiwanese leading hair care brand O’right has taken an innovative leap into the skin care market with a brand new line – Goji Berry Ultimate Rejuvenating Collection to restore youth beyond your 20s. According to experiments conducted by renowned Hungkuang University’s Master Program of Cosmetic Science, 95% of participants noticed a boost in their skin’s moisture levels, decrease in fine lines around the eyes and an increase in skin elasticity. At the formal product launch for the Taiwan market, prominent Chinese & Western medicine specialist, Dr. Peng Wenya shared current trends in skin rejuvenating while Asia’s Next Top Model contestant Natalie Pickles shared praise from her experience on O’right’s new skin line.

Introducing golden goji berry root 10 years in the making

The scalp is the fastest aging part of the body. When not treated properly, it will affect facial skin and accelerate aging. For this reason, O’right has intensively studied scalp aging, leading to the development of the best seller O’right Botanical Caffeine Scalp Revitalizer. In 2017, the best-selling product went on to sell the accumulated height of near 9 Taipei 101 buildings tall. As restoring the scalp’s youth is just the beginning, O’right is introducing the innovative Goji Berry Ultimate Rejuvenating Collection to pamper your facial skin as well.

Goji berries have long been used as an oriental herb due to its nourishing and revitalizing benefits. Through experiments conducted in O’right’s double-certified TAF accredited laboratory, O’right has discovered that goji berry roots can shield skin against environmental damage and improve skin’s ability to repair itself while wrapping it in a protective veil for radiantly beautiful, dewy and younger-looking skin. Their research statistics on golden goji berry roots were published in academic journal BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine. What’s more, the natural age reversing ingredient was recently awarded its own INCI name. The Goji Berry Age-defying Concentrate received worldwide recognition with a Silver Medal at the International Exhibition of Invention Geneva. O’right is dedicated to unearthing the beauty of nature such as plants and unique farm produce native to Taiwan to develop natural skin care products that work wonders.

Golden goji berry root: A natural age reversing secret

Green hair care brand O’right discovered the beauty of nature in Taoyuan, a land with clean waters and pure soil. As a responsible corporate citizen, O’right adopts eco-friendly farming during 6 years of cultivation and 4 years of restoration, taking nearly 10 years to create drops of extraordinary age reversing essence.

Hungkuang University’s Master Program of Cosmetic Science performed testing of the effectiveness of goji berry root on 35 women. After using Goji Berry Lucent Intensifier Serum and Goji Berry Age-defying Concentrate for 2 weeks, 90% of the participants noticed a boost in skin’s moisture levels and were welcomed with a plump, dewy appearance after 4 weeks; 94% experienced tighter pores and increased elasticity; 83% saw a more radiant complexion after 8 weeks; 94% noticed less lines around the eyes. Professor Chang Tsong-min of the Master Program of Science said, “Goji Berry Lucent Intensifier Serum and Goji Berry Age-defying Concentrate can moisturize, firm, brighten and smooth the skin with its revitalizing and rejuvenating benefits.” O’right Goji Berry Ultimate Rejuvenating Collection is formulated with multiple select plant extracts to correct all visible signs of aging and give it a surge of moisture to reveal a more radiant, youthful and beautiful you.

What beauty experts and models are saying about age reversing…

Beauty expert and Doctor Peng Wenya shares the current trends on age reversing from the Chinese and Western medicine perspectives. She said that in the past, consumers are only conscience about anti-aging from the surface; for example, they use makeup to make them look younger. In fact, the battle against skin aging should be fought from the inside out. Skin becomes more vulnerable to sensitivity during seasonal changes; at times like this, hydration is essential. However, that only covers the surface; you need to replenish lost moisture from the inside out, working from daily diet and lifestyle to achieve complete hydration. Dry skin is essentially unhealthy and is therefore prone to fine lines. In this case, it won’t matter how much moisture you replenish, because it will only overhydrate you; when there’s too much water in your body, acne and pimples will start creeping up on your skin. Fighting aging and enhancing your skin’s ability to regenerate itself is the key to giving your pores the chance to breathe, provide your body with the nutrients it needs and achieve optimal oil-moisture balance. The solution is to choose an age reversing product with both antioxidant and moisturizing properties to seal in moisture and inhibit melanin production. When signs of aging are vanquished, your skin will regain its youthful glow.

Model and big fan of O’right Natalie Pickles was one of the few lucky people to try out the Goji Berry Ultimate Rejuvenating Collection prior to its formal launch. Suffice it to say, she was amazed! The formula of Goji Berry Harmonizing Cleanser is crafted from gentle and natural ingredients that leave skin feeling plump and dewy without any dry, parched feeling after cleansing. Natalie recommends mixing Goji Berry Awakening Essence and Goji Berry Lucent Intensifier Serum or Goji Berry Age-defying Concentrate at a ratio of 5:2 evenly in the palms of the hands and use O’right’s 3Vs of age reversal method. Target areas such as dark spots or discoloration in circular motions to help the essence penetrate deeper into skin layers and achieve a naturally glowing complexion. Natalie couldn’t stop talking about how plump her skin felt after using the Goji Berry Ultimate Rejuvenating Collection.

The all-new Goji Berry Ultimate Rejuvenating Collection

The Goji Berry Ultimate Rejuvenating Collection includes 4 products, all rich in multiple select plant extracts to moisturize, brighten, firm and smooth your skin, erasing every trace of aging and gently giving skin a rejuvenating boost. O’right Skin Care gives you beauty that is natural and safe.

Goji Berry Harmonizing Cleanser:

The gel texture transforms into a rich, creamy foam that gently sloughs away dirt, impurities and dead skin cells. Goji berry root extract awakens the skin to restore its radiance. Precious plant extracts help maintain skin’s healthy balance, revealing dewy, plump skin.

Goji Berry Awakening Essence:

With moisturizing factors made up of ultrafine molecules, this essence is the key to restoring your skin to its youthful state. It softens the outer layer and intensively nourishes dehydrated skin, while revitalizing and boosting skin’s ability to better absorb the serum or concentrate deeper into the skin. Use as the first step in your beauty ritual to capture your youth.

Goji Berry Lucent Intensifier Serum:

Natural goji berry root extract reverses signs of aging, reduces melanin production and infuses moisture deep within skin’s surface to revive your skin’s youthful radiance.

Goji Berry Age-defying Concentrate:

Natural goji berry root extract contains multiple skin rejuvenating properties to hinder the aging process, revitalize skin’s appearance and reveal natural, flawless and beautiful skin.

For more information, please visit https://www.oright.com.tw/web/gojiberryskin/

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