O’right Shows Its Love for Nature From the Top of a Tree

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O’right Shows Its Love for Nature From the Top of a Tree

How long has it been since you’ve noticed the trees around you? As climate change accelerates, forests are our last and best natural defense against global warming. The world’s greenest hair care brand and green advocate O’right has teamed up with National Taiwan University (NTU) Experimental Forest over the past 8 years to plant trees and adopt forest lands. This year, with something different in mind, O’right Chairman Steven Ko brought along a part of the O’right team and salon hairdressers to Xitou Nature Education Area to participate in conservation action and raise green awareness around the world.

Greenhouse gas emission is a major contributor to global warming. O’right understands that reducing their carbon footprint is an important step forward in their journey to a more sustainable future. We only have one earth, so the company has made it their mission to build a better and more beautiful world for mankind and Mother Nature. Forests are the key to mitigating climate change. Taking a walk in the woods and connecting with trees is the first step to learning how to love and protect the environment, and that’s just want the green advocates did. They set forth on an adventure into the woods, to get up close and personal with nature itself using just their hands, feet, rope and harness.

Climate Action and Life on Land are 2 of the Sustainable Development Goals established by the United Nations (UN). Trimming or pruning helps to promote healthy and vigorous growth and climbing trees is the healthiest and least damaging way of doing so. Thinning a dense canopy also helps increase air and sunlight exposure and prevents the branches from splitting in heavy winds. Tree climbing is not just viewed as a career choice, but also an opportunity to scale trees for education and adventure. It is a great way to see the world differently, from high up among the branches and to feel the special and intimate connect between mankind and nature.

For years, the green brand has taken action and promoted the importance of forest conservation to the world. Since 2011, they have adopted 3.6 hectares of forest land and planted 2,660 trees, helping to reduce 130,724kg of carbon dioxide emissions. As of today, when you buy anything from O’right Concept Stores nationwide or online shops in Taiwan and receive a handmade seed paper for free in limited quantity, available for Taiwan consumers only. This promotional event aims to encourage consumers to unite and protect the forests. Bury the seed paper in soil and wait for it to grow into a beautiful plant. Give back to nature and create a better and brighter tomorrow.

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