Taiwanese Green Enterprise O’right Unveils the World’s First Renewable Shampoo Bottle Pump

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The world’s greenest hair care brand O’right is fully committed to making a green impact from the inside out, from product development, manufacturing, supply chain, ingredients to packaging. This month during the European Innovation Week, the green brand made history by becoming the first company in the hair care industry to introduce the world’s first renewable shampoo bottle pump to complete the last milestone in green packaging. By doing so, O’right is enhancing the recyclability and reusability of plastics to achieve sustainability and bring the cosmetic industry to a whole new level.

O’right was invited to attend the European Innovation Week Circular Economy International Conference to give a speech about the green hair care brand. Since 2006, O’right has strived to reduce plastic and carbon emissions through eco-friendly practices for 12 years. With the philosophy Natural, Pure and Eco-friendly, O’right is the only hair care brand managed under a complete green supply chain in Taiwan.

Due to its complex component composition, making shampoo bottle pumps with recyclable and reusable plastic materials is a big challenge. Following the development of the renewable plastic bottle, O’right is now unveiling a renewable plastic pump. The driver behind the campaign for no more new plastic, the green pioneer is setting an example in the international cosmetic sector.

According to the latest statistics announced by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) in May, global plastics production has reached 311 million metric tons and is expected to continue to grow by around 4% annually for the foreseeable future. O’right Chairman Steven Ko said that with the renewable pumps, the reusability rate of renewable plastics has now reached up to 83.7%; what’s more, this helps to achieve 66.29% of carbon reduction and fulfill their vision of living a greener lifestyle.

O’right uses natural ingredients extracted from discarded farm produce and packaging made from 100% biodegradable materials. For example, the innovative Tree in the Bottle is made from vegetable waste and plant starch and embedded with acacia tree seeds, which allows the bottle be broken down naturally and grow into a tree after being buried in soil for a year. O’right Green Headquarters is Asia’s first low carbon GMP certified cosmetics plant. The green hair care brand is committed to moving towards a circular economy and living a greener lifestyle for a better tomorrow.

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