O’right and Iconic Landmarks throughout Taiwan Go Dark to Light up the Future during Earth Hour 2019

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World carbon dioxide emissions experienced the largest jump in seven years, reaching a record high of 37 billion tons in 2018, a report released by Global Carbon Project shows. What’s more, an International Panel of Climate Control (IPCC) special report shocked many with the prediction that by 2030 the world’s temperature will rise 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels and the nineteenth-century baseline, meaning that there is little time left to avert the climate change catastrophe and to save the planet. Earth is in trouble, and zero carbon beauty company O’right has made it their mission to cut down greenhouse gas emissions and fight climate change. Earth Hour 2019 marks their ninth year of holding the global environmental movement, this time with the Taiwan Youth Climate Coalition (TWYCC) joining as a co-host and the Environmental Protection Administration of the Executive Yuan and the Department of Environmental Protection of the Taipei City Government serving as supervisors. On the national level, the event took place today on 30 March at the Taipei City Government’s East Gate Square, reducing electricity consumption by 110,000 kWh and carbon emission by 61,000 kg in one hour (compared to the electricity consumed during the same timeframe previous days ago), which is the equivalent of 5,000 trees planted.

Taipei City plunges into darkness and children’s choir ignites hope as Earth Hour 2019 kicks off

To connect people to the natural world, long-time supporter and initiator of Earth Hour, O’right partnered with Taipei Mass Rapid Transit (MRT, or Taipei Metro), the largest metro subway system in Taiwan, to bring metro trains to life with 3D decorations depicting the impacts of climate change. Taipei 101 and Eslite Xinyi Store were not the only ones who went dark tonight. From 8:30 to 9:30 pm, the Central Park of Taipei, Daan Forest Park, Taipei Arena and Maokong Gondola Zoo Station also took action by switching off non-essential lights; Eslite Spectrum donated advertising space to promote Earth Hour on digital billboards and Cathay Holdings showed their support by promoting the campaign on 4,015 ATM machines nationwide. By connecting to people with lifestyle brands and everyday platforms, Earth Hour Taiwan aims to reach more people with its impact to raise public awareness on why nature matters. Award-winning indigenous children’s choir from Taiwan, whose outstanding performance won them the gold medal at the 31st Vienna International Choir Competition, performed at the local event held at the Taipei City Government’s East Gate Square to cast through the darkness to shine a light on climate action. The Earth Hour Taiwan team also planned a series of fun activities designed to engage kids in climate change and teach them about environmental awareness, motivating them to take simple actions to conserve energy.

Pioneer in sustainability celebrates nine years of switching off

With children holding up solar-powered LED lights and lights spelling out the Earth Hour motto of “60+,” the world’s greenest beauty brand O’right celebrates their ninth year of initiating the global environmental movement. Since the green pioneer partnered with WWF to make Earth Hour in Taiwan possible in 2011, they have been committed to bringing together industry leaders, influencers, celebrities and thousands of salons and hairdressers to protect the place we all call home. Over the past nine years, Earth Hour Taiwan has helped in reducing 740,000 kWh of electricity and 393,706 kg of carbon emissions. “Environmental action is a choice. It is our future, our choice. The only way we can achieve sustainability is by respecting nature,” O’right Chairman Steven Ko declared. Upholding corporate sustainability commitments and philosophy “Natural, Pure and Eco-friendly,” O’right is not just a green beauty brand, but also a pioneer in sustainability who vowed to use 100% renewable energy by 2025.

Earth Hour is a global initiative founded in Sydney, Australia by WWF in 2007, uniting people across the globe to raise awareness of the fight against climate change and to protect the earth. Since then, it has grown to become the world’s largest grassroots movement for the environment and is now celebrated in 188 countries and territories worldwide. Up to 18,000 landmarks switch off their lights in solidarity as people worldwide generated millions of impressions on social media in a huge, symbolic show of support for the planet. This year, around 800 companies, hundreds of stars and government officials including the Mayors of Taipei and Taoyuan City urged action on climate change. Earth Hour is more than just an annual event – it is a movement that culminates in an hour of inspiration held around the world toward the end of March each year. Protect the earth, it’s now or never!

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