O’right Celebrates Innovative Sustainability in the Opening of its Da-an Store

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Fast fashion continues to dominate the fashion market, rapidly becoming one of the biggest causes of waste in the world. Across the world textile waste has been piling up for years with no sign of sustainable counter measures until recently when O’right, the Taiwanese-based green beauty brand, lead the way in halting this environmental problem with a groundbreaking sustainability solution – using discarded clothing as eco-building materials. This month, the company celebrates the opening of its second stand-alone store located in the busy city center of Taipei, boasting a signboard that is made from 416 recycled t-shirts and 175 kg of recycled plastics. As a pioneer in raising the standard for sustainability, O’right is committed to developing innovative solutions for a greener future. This time the company has not only found a way to combat the current worldwide plastic waste crisis, but also to fight another growing global epidemic—fast fashion.

Zero carbon beauty brand takes the lead on sustainability with eco-signboard

According to A New Textiles Economy: Redesigning Fashion’s Future, a report published by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation in 2017, out of the 53 million tonnes of fibers that are produced every year in the fashion world, 73% end up in a landfill or are incinerated, with just less than 1% reused to make new clothes. If the industry continues on its current path, textile production will account for more than 25% of the carbon budget for a 2°C pathway. Yet, O’right, as part of its path towards a sustainable, zero-carbon world, has made sure to factor environmental issues into each and every one of its decision processes, in order to make a significant impact on the green beauty sector. The new O’right Da-an Concept Store, for example, features the world’s first signboard made from wood-plastic-textile composites, a groundbreaking, innovative eco-building material. This true advocate of waste reuse is not only taking the initiative on recycling plastic, but is also using old clothing to achieve an innovative approach to sustainability. In fact, every decision O’right makes as a green business is underpinned by its philosophy of “Green, Sustainability and Innovation.”

Pioneer in sustainable beauty enhances customer experience with audio guide

At O’right Da-an Concept Store, customers can discover the brand’s extensive range of hair and skin products through an innovative audio guide which provides a multilingual self-guided tour, taking the customer experience to a whole new level. The store’s creative visual display gives customers a look at the raw materials used for the signboard and the concept of the Tree in the Bottle Shampoo. Access to detailed information of green products and green concepts is offered through QR code scanning, providing not only an aesthetic shopping experience but also a lesson in environmental education.

“Da-an Concept Store is not just a new store; it is a feast for the senses and a green journey waiting for you to explore. Discover O’right and prepare to have your senses heightened through an interactive educational experience at O’right Da-an Concept Store,” Chairman of O’right, Steven Ko said. There is also a water recycling mechanism shaped as a shampoo bottle that allows used tap water to be drained and reused as water for flowering the plants in the area.

Bringing plants and greenery to the interior design is a reflection of O’right’s green concepts. Large windows bring in more natural light and keep the store well-ventilated with the help of fans, thus reducing the use of air-conditioning and lighting. The multi-layered wall cabinet is inspired by the annual growth tree rings. The leaf-shaped mirrors hanging from the ceiling produces images of the store, like raindrops in the forest, symbolizing the connection between human and nature and O’right’s vision for a greener tomorrow.

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