O’right Sustainability Commitment Shines for 4th Year in a Row at Global Views CSR Awards

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As the world’s greenest beauty brand, O’right has continuously lead the way in innovative sustainability for the past seventeen years, staying committed to making a difference. On April 30th, the carbon neutral certified company took to the stage with Far Eastern New Century Corporation and Taiwan Cement at the Global Views Corporate Social Responsibility Award ceremony, securing its fourth consecutive honor for its commitment in sustainability.

Chairman of O’right, Steven Ko received the Honorary Award in the Traditional Manufacturing category from the hands of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Mr. Jong-chin Shen. The only beauty brand in Taiwan to be recognized by the prestigious award, O’right is dedicated to doing what’s best for the earth, a commitment that is evident in its green product formulations and 100% renewable plastic bottles as well as the world’s first renewable plastic pump. Recently, the Taiwanese-based brand celebrated the opening of its O’right Da-an Concept Store, which boasts the first storefront signboard in the world to be made of recycled textile and plastic waste. In March, O’right also celebrated its ninth year serving as the initiator of Earth Hour Taiwan, inviting more than 800 enterprises, hundreds of celebrities and salon partners to take a stand for our planet. The event resulted in an impressive 110,000 kWh of electricity reduced during the hour.

With long-standing commitments ranging from green products, green building, green logistics to green initiatives, O’right has helped reduced carbon emissions by 1,615,249 kg, which is equivalent to planting 146,841 20-year-old trees. The company’s ambition to building a greener world is reflected in their efforts and achievements. With “green” at the heart of the business, O’right is living proof that small steps can make big changes to the environment by making the impossible task of sustainability possible.

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