Zero Carbon Beauty Brand O’right Leads the Way to a Greener World – More Trees Means Less Carbon

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The Amazon rainforest is going up in flames, spewing tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere as I write. As the fires increase, greenhouse gas emissions increase with it, causing much more damage that what you are aware of. Global carbon dioxide emissions reached a record high of 37.1 billion tons in 2018, according to the Global Carbon Budget, while the IPCC warns that temperatures are likely to rise by 1.5 degrees Celsius by 2030. It is clear that, climate action cannot wait. The world’s greenest beauty brand O’right has taken it upon themselves to protect the forests, adopting 3.6 hectares of forest land. The team, led by O’right Chairman Steven Ko returned to the forest where they planted their first seeds of hope to continue planning to new hope. O’right has accomplished planting 2,660 trees, some of which have even grown to 10 meters tall, the equivalent of reducing 159,984kg of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Did you know that trees are the most effective solution for climate change? If you didn’t know, now you do.

Humans and wildlife cannot survive on this planet without forests. Forests breathe for the earth, absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and producing the oxygen we need. By storing carbon, forests help to regulate the global climate. To fight climate change, forest landscape must be kept more intact, managed more sustainably and restored. This is why O’right is committed to conserving forests to cut carbon emissions and minimize the impact on the environment. This year, the sustainable went up into the mountain to listen to nature sounds and ambiances – to discover a whole new world. Listening to nature is a way of educating and raising awareness on the importance of forest conservation and sustainable forestry.

O’right has never been just a hair and skin care company, but a brand that is dedicated to giving people, society and the environment the best care they deserve. The revolutionary brand has achieved carbon neutrality in 9 of its products and as a corporate organization. The innovative seed paper embedded at the bottom of the Tree in the Bottle Shampoo and inside product packaging can be naturally broken down and grow into a tree when buried in soil. With years of contributing to the environment by planting trees and reducing carbon in every way possible, O’right is leading the world towards sustainability – a greener tomorrow for all.

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