Zero Carbon Beauty Pioneer Emerges as Circular Economy Frontrunner

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Zero carbon company O’right was once again recognized for its green brand image and sustainable practices as the world’s greenest beauty brand recently took home not just one but two awards: The Corporate Golden Award at the 2019 Taiwan Circular Economy Awards hosted and the Outstanding Enterprise Innovation Award at the 6th National Industrial Innovation Award (NIIA).

The Taiwan Circular Economy Awards celebrates excellence in circular economy and sustainability practices. At the Awards Ceremony hosted by the Center for Green Economy of the Chung-hua Institution for Economic Research (CIER) on March 26, O’right was applauded for its efforts to incorporate circular principles in company operations as well as through its overall corporate sustainability performance. In addition, the green brand came out on top along with 45 participants recognized from 319 contenders at the 6th National Industrial Innovation Award.

O’right’s journey towards sustainability started in 2006, developing sustainable practices and zero carbon goals and creating remarkable milestones along the way. The first company in Taiwan certified with the carbon footprint label introduced the world’s first zero carbon shampoo in 2011; seven years later, O’right was validated by SGS as a carbon neutral corporate organization and for nine of their products, while vowing to use 100% renewable energy by 2025. The pioneer of sustainability also impressed the world with the innovative Tree in the Bottle Shampoo, 8 Free policy for naturally-derived ingredients and formulations, 100% renewable shampoo and body wash plastic bottles as well as the world’s first renewable plastic pump.

O’right’s commitments range from product development and manufacturing, eco facilities to reducing plastic waste and discovering the beauty benefits of farm product.. It’s no wonder they are the winner of numerous circular economy and design awards worldwide. The Taiwanese-based company has taken on major commitments to have a bigger, greener impact on every part of the globe, namely by welcoming visitors and organizations from all walks of life to experience O’right’s Green Headquarters and bringing sustainability to the next level – to the beauty sector.

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