Zero Carbon Brand O’right Connects Taiwan to the World with Taipei Metro 3D Artwork

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Earth Hour 2019 is set to envelop the world on 30 March and the initiator of the local Earth Hour movement in Taiwan, O’right is promoting this year’s lights-out event through lifestyle brands and platforms to raise public awareness of global warming. This year, the long-time supporter of Earth Hour partnered with Taipei Metro and brought metro cars to life with 3D decorations depicting the impacts of climate change – melting glaciers. With Taiwanese singer Hebe Tien as the ambassador of Earth Hour Taiwan and cooperating organizations including Taipei Metro, Eslite Spectrum Corporation and Cathay Holdings taking action, O’right is on a mission to make Earth Hour a success in Taiwan with dedicated partnerships playing major roles in connecting more people to the natural world.

Connecting Taiwan to Earth

An IPCC Special Report shocked many with the prediction that by 2030 the world’s temperature will rise to 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels and the nineteenth-century baseline, meaning that there is only 11 years left to avert the climate change catastrophe. Scientists confirm that 2018 was the world’s fourth hottest year on record and climate change trends suggest that temperatures will only continue to climb going forward. The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) is warning that we are pushing nature and all that sustains life on this planet to the brink. Human consumption and activity have wiped out 60% of animal populations, and if humanity continues to undermine nature’s ability to sustain our lives and take it for granted, humankind could most likely face our own extinction in the future.

Earth Hour is a global initiative founded in Sydney, Australia by WWF in 2007, uniting people across the globe to raise awareness of the fight against climate change and to protect the earth. Since then, it has grown to become the world’s largest grassroots movement for the environment and is now celebrated in 188 countries and territories worldwide. Up to 18,000 landmarks switch off their lights in solidarity as people worldwide generated millions of impressions on social media to show their concern for the planet.

3D artworks bring melting glaciers to life

This year, O’right teamed up with Taipei Metro for Earth Hour 2019, decorating the interiors of the cars in Tamsui-Xinyi Line with eye-catching 3D artworks mimicking disappearing glaciers to spark global warming awareness and its impact on artic wildlife such as polar bears and penguins. Revamping metro cars, an everyday means of commuting, will help open the public eye to the severity of the problems facing us. From March 11 to May 30, passengers and commuters traveling between Tamsui and Xiangshan stations will have the chance to take a ride on the Earth Hour metro car. Facebook users can also add a custom-made Earth Hour filter to their profile pictures to show their support for earth. Shoppers and passers-by of Eslite Xinyi Store can stop by the first floor to take a photo with O’right Bear.

9 years of switching off

In 2011, O’right partnered with WWF to make Earth Hour in Taiwan possible. Each year, they bring together industry leaders, influencers and celebrities including JJ Lin and Jam Hsiao, more than 5,000 salons and 100,000 hairdressers to take a stand for the planet and have succeeded in reducing 332,706 kg of carbon emissions (630,000 kWh of electricity), equal to planting 30,246 trees on earth.

Global warming is a ticking bomb and we need to stop it before it explodes. A sustainable future for all is only possible on a planet where nature thrives with biodiversity and life. This will not be possible if the earth’s temperatures continue to soar and populations keep vanishing. O’right invites individuals, communities and businesses to turn off non-essential lights for one hour from 8:30 to 9:30 pm on March 30 as a symbol of commitment to the planet. Switch off and connect to earth this Earth Hour.

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